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In 2014, six scholarships were awarded to graduates from Calaveras High School and Bret Harte High School. Each student received a check for $1,500. Four girls and two boys received these scholarships for 2014. Anticipated fields of study for these graduates included electrical lineman, veterinary medicine, health care, automotive and nursing. http://www.calaverasenterprise.com/news/article_689399e2-6938-11e4-9a76-8f6c9b1c0d21.html

Great Tips On Howto Deal With Cancer

Possibly talking about melanoma might be frightening. Until you have basically been diagnosed with cancer, nonetheless, you-can’t genuinely know how that analysis that is disastrous may be. Whether the cancer is treatable or not, being identified as having melanoma influences several life changes that are radical. This article will be here to supply direction through…